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Koa Square Gecko Clock
Koa Square Gecko Clock

Koa Square Gecko Clock


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Our Hawaii craftsmen have created the Koa Square Gecko Clock to honor the mo’o, or Hawaiian Gecko. Early Hawaiians honored the mo’o as an aumakua, or family guardian. Today, mo’o are adored as cute guardian spirits who watch over the hale or house.

Our craftsmen use Koa from our private stock. We are the largest purchaser of Koa in the world, harvested from previously fallen trees only. We never cut down and Koa trees. We never use Koa harvested from trees that are cut down. In fact, we are a leader in Koa reforestation, working with private land owners on the Big Island.


  • 8" L x 1.25" W x 6.75" H
  • Batteries not included


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