Lahaina Sunset by Brandon Kralik

Lahaina Sunset by Brandon Kralik


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Brandon Kralik


Having lived by the sea for the most part of the last 30 years Brandon Kralik has studied the effects of the sea and recorded his impressions in sketchbooks and on the canvas. Kralik’s fascination with the sea began at an early age when his grandfather in Colorado explained how the thundershowers and winter snowstorms were the result of water evaporating from the sea, blowing east over the desert meeting the cool air over the Rocky Mountains. It was through these early sessions which Kralik began to understand and appreciate the importance of the sea and interconnectedness it has on our lives.

 Kralik lives in Maui now, but paints directly from life or in one of his studios in either Stockholm or Colorado. The sea is a constant companion and seeps into the motifs he creates from the vision he holds in his mind’s eye.

In a new series of paintings Brandon Kralik invites us to enjoy Lahaina as we knew it -- light and serene. Having lived in Lahaina and exhibited on Front street for many years he is able to give us a warm reflection of Lahaina through his personal portrayal of the town we all love and miss.

 “My paintings are meant to provide what is missing. Symbols of hope, continuation, and a connectedness to what is lost and our responsibility for a better future.”


Lahaina Sunset 12" x 12"


oil on canvas