Tsumoto Koa Jewelry Box - Extra Large
Tsumoto Koa Jewelry Box - Extra Large

Tsumoto Koa Jewelry Box - Extra Large


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Local Oahu craftsman Roy Tsumoto creates stunning Koa jewelry boxes that have been the most popular with our customers for over 10 years. Just look at each of Roy's boxes and you can see why-- Roy is meticulous in the detailed craftsmanship of each piece. His trademark mahogany splines on the corners demonstrate the fine craftsmanship that will be appreciated for generations. We are proud that Roy features his boxes exclusively at Martin & MacArthur.

Roy starts with the finest super curly Koa wood. He hand-selects each piece to find the most beautiful undulating patterns of fluttering curl in Hawaii's indigenous Koa. All of Roy's stock comes from the island of Hawaii, where they have the most colorful Koa grown from the rich volcanic soil.


  • Approx. 9" L  x 6" W x 3" H
  • The Koa wood grain and pattern on each of Roy's jewelry boxes varies. Size and dimensions may slightly vary.


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