Automatic, Self-Winding Koa Watch Sets the New Standard

The biggest development in precision timepieces comes from the middle of the Pacific Ocean in Honolulu Hawaii.  Local Hawaii company Martin & MacArthur is introducing the first-ever automatic watch made with individually carved Koa links.

Automatic, Self-Winding Koa Watch Sets the New Standard

This watch is made with a precision-engineered, perpetual motion movement by Citizen.   This self-winding movement uses a rotating-weight mechanism to wind the watch's mainspring automatically with the natural motions of the wrist.   The premium movement is made with a 21 jewels to minimize friction on the wheel train bearings and maximize time keeping accuracy. 

This skeleton watch allows you to see right through the face into the complex movement that powers this elegant timepiece.  The sapphire-glass crystal is extremely durable and highly-scratch resistant.   This is the strongest watch face in the world.

This watch movement is water resistant up to 3 ATM atmospheres of pressure, equivalent to 96 feet under sea level.  While the movement will not be harmed under 3 ATM, our Monarch Watch should not be worn under water at any time because the Koa wood will be affected with prolonged, constant exposure to water.

This self-winding watch is made with finely crafted, solid Koa links that are individually carved and finished from our private stock of brilliant, curly Koa.  The exquisite timepiece is made with solid Koa links assembled five-across for extreme comfort.

This automatic Watch made with solid Koa sets a new standard for premium timepieces.