How To Buy A Wood Watch?

There are a lot of wood watches for sale these days. But, let the buyer beware. Not all wood watches are made with the same quality. Many wood watch manufacturers do not guarantee the workmanship of their watches.

How To Buy A Wood Watch?

Choose a wood watch with a style suited to your taste. Do not compromise and get something that does not look right for you. The best companies, like Martin & MacArthur or Tense, offer hundreds of varieties, not just a few.

Look for a company that has innovative designs. Don’t settle for a wood watch that looks like a child’s toy. Some of these wood watches look like they belong in grade school. There are now elegant styles that include the automatic, self-winding wood watch and the wood watch with moon phase dials. Choose something that is innovative and worth the investment.

Choose a wood watch made from a beautiful wood. Many are simply made form maple or sandalwood. While these wood watches are okay, they are not as beautiful as a wood watch made with fine woods such as Koa. Your Koa watch will be a symbol of your style. Choose a Koa wood watch that is going to attract admiring stares from everyone. 


Written by Michael Tam, wood watch owner and enthusiast at Martin & MacArthur in Hawaii.