Make Mom Happy with a Hand-Crafted Koa Gift

Remember how Mom proudly displayed your grade school paintings on the refrigerator?  Chances are you never became another Rembrandt.  But, your Mom still loves things that are individually hand-crafted, rather than bought in some big department store.  This year, give Mom a gift that is actually made in Hawaii by fine local craftsmen using Koa, the beautiful wood of King Kamehameha and other Hawaiian monarchs.

Make Mom Happy with a Hand-Crafted Koa Gift

Our Koa jewelry boxes are made by local artisans who each have their own unique style.  All the boxes featured at Martin & MacArthur are made with brilliant curly, Koa wood from the Big Island.  Some boxes have sliding trays.  Others have drawers with little compartments to store earrings and pendants.  These boxes range in prices starting from $195. 

Every Mom could use a piece of jewelry.  But, rather than buy her just another metal bauble, consider how much more she would love a piece of Koa jewelry.  Koa wood makes beautiful jewelry when it’s crafted by fine artisans like Claude and Penny.  This couple creates gorgeous necklaces with Koa beads and genuine Murano glass made in Venice, Italy.  Any Mom who enjoys a splash will love this jewelry.  Necklaces priced at $249.

For something truly special, give Mom a solid Koa wood watch, made with our own private stock of curly Koa form the Big Island.  No one has been making fine Koa furniture longer than Martin & MacArthur. We have applied our expertise to these beautiful Koa watches.  Premium quartz movement.  Fully adjustable to fit Mom’s wrist.  Priced at $529. 

If you want to give Mom a symbol of that special bond between the two of you, consider a Koa Eternity Pendant. Genuine Swarovski crystal is surrounded by two rings – one carved from solid curly Koa and the other made with tungsten, the hardest metal for a shine that lasts forever.  Mom can wear this necklace every day because it easily matches any outfit.  And you know how Mom likes things are that are versatile and useful!