The Perfect Gift is a Wood Watch

The “perfect gift” is often difficult to find.  You need something special and unique that shows you put some effort in the gift.  You need something that stylish and elegant because that shows how you feel about the recipient.  And, you want something that is authentic, genuine, and reliable because that reflects on you.

The Perfect Gift is a Wood Watch

Today, many people looking for perfect gifts are turning to personal accessories made from wood.  After all, wood is a natural, organic element with strength and beauty.  Wood shows beauty and character all its own.  And a gift made from wood is sustainable and eco-friendly.

One of the most popular gifts today is a wood watch.  Wood watches are relatively new. The first wood watches appeared less than 6 years ago.  The early wood watches were clunky and basic.  They looked like starter watches you’d by for a child.  Today, the finest wood watches are sleek and stylish.   The casework now comes in all shapes including classic rectangle, circle or square.  But after that, the design of the craftsmen really separates a fine wood watch from a cheap wanna-be.  The cases are thin and unassuming.  The diameter of the face can be classic or as large as the popular Nixon watches. 

The wood used for these watches varies in quality and beauty.  The most basic wood watches are made with sandalwood because this hardwood can be cut and shaped consistently for the links.  But, more unusual watches are made with specialty woods such as Hawaiian Koa wood or Rosewood.  Koa wood grows only in Hawaii and has a dark lustrous color that catches the light.  The colors and grain pattern of every piece of Koa is different, making each Koa wood watch unique and special. 

Almost all wood watches have quartz movements. But, beware of companies that do not know where their quartz movements are manufactured.  Any watch retailer should know if the quartz movement is made by a reputable company like Miyota of Japan, the same company that makes Citizen Watch movements.  The most exquisite wood watches are now made with automatic, self-winding movements that require no batteries.  The Martin & MacArthur Monarch Koa watch is made with a self-winding, 21-jewel movement with a sapphire crystal to resist scratching.

If you are worried that wood watches are fragile and cannot be used on a daily basis, think again. The more you wear a wood watch, the better it looks because the patina of the wood gets richer and shinier due to the oils of the skin.  You never have to polish your wood watch and you simply replace the battery every two years when it runs out.

So, if you are looking for a perfect gift for that special someone, consider a wood watch for a gift that is genuine, functional and stylish.


Written by Michael Tam, a man that loves wood and wood watches so much he has over a dozen of them and can’t wait to get more.