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Tips To Choose The Best Wood Watch

Choosing a wood watch can be challenging. But if you use these guidelines, you will definitely enjoy your wood watch for many years to come. There are lots of companies selling wood watches these days. But truth be told, not all Wood Watches are worth the lumber used to make them. Here are some helpful tips to choosing the best wood watch.

Tips To Choose The Best Wood Watch

Style. The best wood watches have clean, smart looks. The men’s and women’s styles should be updated and contemporary. You don’t want so thick clunky wood watch that looks like a pre-school toy!

Variety. The best wood watch companies offer a wide variety of styles, not just 6-8. Frankly, if the company does not offer at least 50 different styles for men and women, they are not serious. Any respectable company has more than 50 different styles of Wood Watches.

Finish. The wood should have a refined, polished finish. The links should look like they were individually carved and polished. If the wood looks rough or dull, then steer clear. A bad finish means the wood watch is not made with care and will not last.

Quality Movement. Today, most wood watches are powered with quartz, battery movements. Be sure you know the name of the company who makes the movement. It should be a reputable company like Miyota of Japan, who make the Citizen movements. If the watch company cannot tell you the name of the movement, then do not buy it.

Features. The best wood watches do much more than tell time. Martin & MacArthur has wood watches that show the moon phases or are automatic, self-winding, just like Rolex watches. These are the state of the art. Whatever your style, be sure you do not compromise features with a wood watch. 

One of the finest companies to feature their own wood watches is Martin & MacArthur. When you buy a Martin & MacArthur Koa watch, it comes in a Koa box made by its Hawaii craftsmen.  After all, it is only fitting that a beautiful Koa watch come in boxes made with the exact same Koa. The company offers Koa watches with mother of pearl faces or moon phase dials. But, the best wood watch is the automatic, self-winding watch with a skeleton, see-through, 21-jewel movement. Sapphire crystal face, of course, the finest in the world.

Choosing the best Wood Watch can be very challenging but with this guide you will be ready.


By Michael Tam, an avid wood watch collector. Michael has over 25 different wood watches, but his most prized wood watches are the Martin & MacArthur Moon Phase and Automatic, Self-Winding wood watches.