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Glass Wave Sculpture "Kalapana Kai" (Small) by Daniel Moe
Glass Wave Sculpture "Kalapana Kai" (Small) by Daniel Moe
Glass Wave Sculpture "Kalapana Kai" (Small) by Daniel Moe

Glass Wave Sculpture "Kalapana Kai" (Small) by Daniel Moe


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Hawaii glass artist Daniel Moe lives with his family in Kalapana, on the Big Island, just a few miles away from the active Kilauea volcano and the blue waters of the Pacific.

Daniel created the Kalapana Kai collection to show the raw power of Hawaii’s ocean. The surging Pacific waters crest and explode into geysers of force and passion, sustaining us and creating new life. Each wave is a new, wondrous symbol of the beauty and power of nature.

Daniel says, ““I fell in love with glass as a medium to express my love and connection to nature. When I approach glass in its fluid state, I feel as if this connection is enhanced. Tuning into this sacred space, allows me to understand the link between the earth elements and my own.

Glass is not only a material, it is matter, living its own life, a powerful medium of communication. It is both beautiful and treacherous. It lends itself to metaphor because it can imitate some things, such as Water, Magma, Stone and suggests other things like Air and Light. It is poetry.”


  • Approximately 9"
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