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See You On The Other Side 20" x 16" by Sibet Alspaugh

See You On The Other Side 20" x 16" by Sibet Alspaugh


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Sibet Hyder Alspaugh


Sibet first moved to Lahaina in 1987 and has seen many changes the island has endured over the years, but the magic and inspiration unique to Maui endures.  Sibet has always been fascinated with the natural beauty of a horizon, featuring it prominently in her Atmospheric Expressionist paintings. Sibet works mainly from memory and emotion, capturing the energy and passion of a given moment and allowing the final painting to be a joyful and sometimes cathartic surprise. 

Sibet is a first generation American born of German and Hungarian parents. Born in Southern California with time spent living in Maui over the last 30 years, solidified her love for the nature found along the shore and in the sea, which is predominantly expressed in her art. She holds an M.A. from the University of San Diego. In addition to being a professional artist, Sibet is also a licensed Family Therapist and Reiki practitioner. The flow of energy and emotion provides constant inspiration, challenge and creative connection. Using mainly acrylics, Sibet enjoys the flow and freedom of that medium and its ability to change easily, often seeing a painting being reborn and reinvented before her eyes prior to completion.


See You on the Other Side - 20" x 16"